Malaysian Red Crescent Society of Multimedia University, Melaka Campus was established as a health conscious society and also the welfare of students and the community and work for humanity in its inception, the MRC has developed into a unique association of different inspirational.

Although the MRC frequently organizes charitable activities, the main theme of the association, the MRC has never failed from the organizing activities of other disciplines such as sports, education, religion, leadership, and so forth. MRC also has proven itself capable of organizing national events. MRC also recently awarded "Best Service Program" award in MMU Awards 2015 for event Health Campaign 3.0.

Events organized in Term 2014/2015 :

~ Health Campaign 3.0

~ Team Building Camp

~ A Hand for Humanity I & II 

~ MRC Futsal Open For Charity

~ MRC Charity Race II 2014 

~ MRC Charity Night 2015

~ A Gift of Health

~ MRC Awareness Campaign
~ Pray For Gaza

~ MRC Appreciation Night